My past, my personality, and Social Media Marketing

Here is the Catch 22 situation. I have posted blogs left right and centre, mainly about Social Media Marketing. On the MyGenius site I am flattered by the amount of people that have said very nice things about me, even had a doctor of one of the sciences overseas said I am highly intelligent, whadda, whadda. I will think about that and file it for future reference. So, my take on the business and my insights are reasonably good? Here is the 22, I have also being advised by more than one person to, “tone down”, my Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief and his ideas on Facebook and The Mexican Lifestyle blog, if I would like to do any business in this networking thing.

I don’t have to file this anywhere, it is a principal. I will not do this, my main mission on the Mexican remains stat. The reason I have the insight they admire is BECAUSE of that past, not in spite of it. I read in one of my strange class rooms that I should not regret my past nor shut the door on it.

If “they” have any intelligence they would also read “How to Repair a Mexican Horse Thief” and may even learn something of interest.

I ask though, about the toning down of who and where Wayne Bisset comes from: If I cover up my past and become deceitful now, I acquire a habit, this habit will carry over to any business dealings we may have in the future. Do they want that? More importantly, do I want that?

No I do not.  That is no way for a Mexican to act!

Holy Shit, looks like I am gonna die broke! :}



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2 Responses to “My past, my personality, and Social Media Marketing”

  1. resveratrol supplements Says:

    It all sounds good but how is everything related together?


  2. waynebisset Says:

    See? To me it as clear as day. So I am not sure what your question is. :}


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