A Woman, a Bicycle and Africa.

My attention was drawn to this young lady when I read about her mission to cycle around South Africa, solo, no support.(Okay, her pretty face on the profile photo had a bit to do with it. :} ) This seemed to me a combination of bravery and sheer determination, but most interesting to me was what type of person would do this? A kindred spirit perhaps? We made contact here in cyberspace and I followed her updates on that trip. I also learned that she has far more courage and ambition that that “little” bicycle ride. “Little”?  Yes it was, considering   what she is going to do, there is no stopping this woman. Read on, and please help support this amazing mission.

Wayne Bisset

Project 40 000

My dream is to set a world record for being the first woman to circumnavigate the entire African continent on a bicycle. That’s right…you just read the words ‘girl’, ‘bicycle, and ‘Africa’ in one sentence.  I have been pursuing this dream for a little over two years now.

Despite all the pessimists, naysayers and lack of sponsors, the idea of giving up has never been an option to me.

March, 2008, I cycled SOLO from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 16 days.

Starting October, 2009, I launched to become the first person to cycle SOLO around South Africa. 100 days and 5951km later, I successfully completed the trip.

It was with my trip around the country that I can now stand up and say that I am truly Proudly South African.

With no back up vehicles and very little in terms of financial back up, I set out, woman alone on my bicycle, to prove that I am capable of doing this.

I was truly astonished and will forever be grateful for all the help the people from all around the country gave me. Wherever I went, people were always willing to help in whichever way they could. It did not matter whether I actually made it or not, what mattered most was that I was actually doing it.

It is with this knowledge that I want to be able to carry the name of my country and fellow South Africans with me around the entire African continent.

Proudly displaying the camaraderie I have already experienced from my countrymen. I am a girl with a big dream, a proudly South African citizen with the determination and belief in possibility to match that dream.

I will be taking two back up vehicles with me on my trip around Africa. On these vehicles, I will be carrying the names of 40 000 South Africans, who will have helped me live my dream, signifying the 40 000 kilometers that I will be traveling around the continent…Signifying unity. This project in its own can be considered somewhat of a record…for I will not have 3 or 4 corporate sponsors…but 40 000 individual sponsors! J

How will it work?

  • I am looking for 40 000 South Africans to each sponsor R100 toward this project.
  • Every person that donates R100 will get to personally put their signatures on my support vehicles which will be traveling through 33 countries around Africa.
  • It is my promise, to thank each and every individual personally for their help. I will go on a nationwide tour with the vehicles so the people who have contributed can sign their names on the vehicles.
  • A count will be held on http://www.jolandie.co.za and my various public profiles such as facebook and twitter where people can check on progress.
  • Once the target has been reached, every individual will receive notification via email/sms as to where and when I will be with my team and vehicles for you to sign your names on.

How to go about it:

  1. Pay R100 into the following bank account, using your name and surname as reference:

Jolandie Rust T/A Beat

Acc Nr: 9207910944




  1. Email your: Name, Surname, Cell Nr, Province, City/ Town of residence to:


  1. Please feel free to phone or email me if you have any queries on this project.

Contact details:
076 167 2008

Email: jolandie.rust@gmail.com


Public profiles:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jolandie.rust

Mygenius: http://www.mygenius.com/profile.php?user=Jolandie1315

Spice4life: http://www.spice4life.co.za/jolandie-rust.asp

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jorusty

Linkedin: http://za.linkedin.com/in/jolandierust

Social Press: www.socialpress.co.za/members/jolandierust/

One last favor: Should you wish to partake in this, please help spread the word by forwarding this to friends you think would want to partake. There are already people saying that I will never get 40 000 people who’ll be willing to help. I need all the help I can get.

Thank you very much for your time, and if you do donate…I will thank you in person soon.

Kind Regards

Jolandie Rust

*No contact details will be used for any other reason than to keep count of contributions and to contact the people who have donated, as to notify them of when and where I will be with the vehicles for people to put their signatures on it.*

This venture is proudly endorsed by the Proudly South African campaign


“Get out of the pool of fear and take a swim in the ocean of possibility” – JR


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