The Great Lizard and Gecko Hunt

The Mexican Horse Thief and his main sidekick, Pedro are together, planning the Muna Tau 100 km. While we do this we have the smallest Mexican with us. So began the great lizard and gecko hunt, we wanted to impress the little Mexican and add some more of the reptiles to his collection. You should know by now that the Mexican Horse Thief has been catching reptiles for a few decades and Pedro? Hell, just go look at the photos on the Muna Tau page. We are GREAT bushmen; we are confident of success. We all venture into the veldt on the outskirts of Langebaan and with due caution start lifting rocks. There are also Cape Cobras in this area, responsible for more human deaths in Southern Africa than any other snake.

Later the light starts to fade and we are forced to admit defeat as there is not one lizard to be found. The little Mexican, stout lad that he is, takes this very well, no tears at all. Pedro reassures him that we will feed the lizards at home instead. Pedro is a great fly catcher and in no time he has a fly, rips one wing off, and shows his incredible bravery by opening the lizard box and giving the fly to the most vicious lizard. (Pedro has already been attacked by this animal on more than one occasion!)

This is what legends are made of.


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