Snakes and Soldiers

Cape Cobra

Living in Langebaan I am making it a habit to walk to the shop each day. It is not far and one has a beautiful view of the lagoon while walking in the semi-build up area. The day before yesterday I saw a small slug eater snake while walking. Yesterday a small Cape Cobra, about 40cm long, cruised across the path. Bright coppery color and  black markings on the head. Now as I have mentioned before, these snakes cause more deaths than any other snake  in Southern Africa, but I really wanted a closer look. I always wear combat trousers and hiking boots and quickly put my boot on it before he could disappear in the fynbos. Immediately the hood flared and he turned on me, as they spit too, I kept my head way back. He was just a little fellow but as deadly as his dad. He chose not to spit but to bite and sank his fangs in the tie up lace of my trousers. One could see the wetness of the venom, enough to kill a man, or three. I disengaged his fangs, had a look at his markings and let him go on his way. Bit of an adrenaline rush I must admit.

Then closer to the shops a white Golf stopped next to me, it was full of 4 Recon soldiers. The S’Major in the passenger seat looked me up and down, saying nothing. They then drove off. I would presume my camouflage  pants attracted that bit of unwanted attention! Different sort of adrenaline rush there.

Walking back  I saw the Cape Cobra’s deadly enemy, a Slender Mongoose. They can take many times more venom than what would kill 10 men and like to eat the snakes. They also look rather cute.

So you see? No matter how dangerous or tough something is, there is ALWAYS something or someone MORE dangerous.

Not every walk to the shops is like this. :} Mexican fan page.


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One Response to “Snakes and Soldiers”

  1. Yves Says:

    Impressivvvvve! bang bang!
    Gosh I wouldn’t have put my foot on that snake … but then again … I’m a girl!


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