The Blind to lead the Sighted?

Today all I have heard and seen on the news and the net: most is downright depressing. Everyone is hard done by, oppressed and the like.

We have new neighbors here in Langebaan. A youngish couple, seem like regular people. Today we watched the young man taking out the boxes that were still in the garage and putting them on the driveway. He then sorted out what went inside and what should stay in the garage. The wind is howling and I don’t want to be outside at all. That is not what makes this so poignant. He is a blind person! As I write he has now gotten a yard broom and is sweeping out the garage and the driveway.

We are in a quandary : to offer our help or not, afraid he would take offense.  If he could see we would have not felt this way and gone straight over. Mmmm.


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