A Letter to Malema

Mexican Reject (Smiling 'cause he has not got the mail yet.

Your application to join The Mexican Horse Thief page on facebook has been REJECTED. Why? Because you have no fucking ambition, that’s why.

I will be kind enough to explain. Using your and the ANCYL type of logic, I put forward that you believe all one has to do to become a farmer is: kill, terrorize and intimidate the White farmers to get them off the land and preferably out of the country. I think that is pretty accurate.

A typical White farmer: Lives in the middle of bloody nowhere with his rather dowdy overweight wife. His children have all left for a better life in the city, so he has a dog and some domestic farm animals for company. He may get into the nearest town once or twice a month, but just hangs out with other boring farmers just like him. He will have a meal at the Wimpy, with his overweight wife. He drives a beaten up old bakkie or his tractor. Or if he is a “wealthy” farmer a 19-voetsak Mercedes, diesel mind you. Who the hell wants to be Farmer Brown?

Now, using your logic if I may? The Mexican Horse Thief would use the same method BUT target the White doctors in South Africa!

A typical White doctor: Lives in only the most up market suburbs of the country. He has the trophy wife, the beautiful house, no doubt kept sparkling clean by a Black non ANCYL member, as is the huge garden and pool is by a Black gardener. He eats out in only the best restaurants, drives the latest model Mercedes for town, and the new Toyota Land Cruiser when he feels a bit tough. He plays golf every Wednesday  and Tiger Woods has shown what fun that can be! Yes, this Mexican would definitely target the Doctors, who doesn’t want to be a doctor?

Therefore it is with little regret that I inform you Mr. Malema, you will NEVER be a Mexican, to admit you would be a grave insult to my fellow Mexicans. I repeat you have no fucking ambition, at all.


The Mexican Horse Thief.

Further reading on this matter:

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If still not convinced

The Chronicles III !


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