The Anglo-Mexican Connection

Kelly The Anglo-Mexican

If the Yanks can call themselves Afro-Americans, we can have Anglo-Mexicans! Kelly Brearley has just joined up with The Mexican Horse Thief. Apart from her work as a Recruitment Director she is a model too! She and I have a lot of common interests –  like camping and the outdoors, love animals, and dislike TV. I do hope she will  come on safari with Outback Africa soon!

Recently she has entered a competition and needs your votes, with this angelic face how can you not help out. :} VOTE HERE!


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2 Responses to “The Anglo-Mexican Connection”

  1. Shaza Grainger Says:

    Ha, ha…. I find this all very amusing.
    This then makes me an, African, Irish, Anglo-English combination.
    And it gets more interesting when I look at the rest of my family tree!


  2. waynebisset Says:

    Since you are on the Mexican Horse Thief you can add an honory Mexican to that.


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