The Most Beautiful Brides

Recently I made friends with yet another artistic person. After a lifetime friendship with Gordon Froud and Dianne Victor, two of South Africa’s top artists and art educators, I have come to enjoy the arty type of people. In general artists seem to have a zest for life that the unwashed masses lack.

Cicilia Kaufmann is a different sort of artist, her “canvas” is the human face! She has the uncanny skill of being able to enhance the existing beauty of a woman’s face, I believe EVERY woman has her own unique brand of beauty, with absolutely uncanny results. It is said a picture speaks a thousand words? Well, here are a couple of thousand words.



Photos by: Cicilia Kaufmann

You can view more of her stunning work here: Make up Photos

If ever I find a woman clever enough to catch me, and foolish enough to marry me, I shall definitely get Cicilia to do the make up for my bride to be. Don’t hold your breath though Cicilia, this Mexican is a gypsy and a hard man to hold down. :}


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2 Responses to “The Most Beautiful Brides”

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