Religion and Sex

The young Mexican Horse Thief

Just read a blog, purely but accident, I assure you! It discusses the evils of pre-marital sex. Horror of horrors!
I had a flashback to my childhood and teenage years, growing up in a very strict Jehovah’s Witness household. This was a big problem, for you see, the Mexican Horse Thief has always liked girls.

In this religion one is not even allowed to associate closely with non-members, they are called – worldly people. Now at my school there were lots of very sexy worldly girls. I wanted  to do more than bloody associate with them. The long and short of it is that other good little Jehovah’s Witness kids were for ever pimping me for merely holding hand or kissing these pretty girls at lunch breaks.  That was firstly, reported my my father and it was a hiding with a leather belt, then over the course of the next few days the Elders would arrive and I would have to relate step by step the nature of my sins. In great detail they demanded this. Scriptures were read. I worked out quickly, this is how these boring old farts got their kicks! Sickos! When I voiced this opinion I got some more of the leather for my trouble.

Reading the blog and seeing the; “20 Things Single People Can Do Besides Have Sex and the  “20 Things You Can Do On  A Date Besides Have Sex”. I have to laugh and be glad I was and still am, just a little bit naughty.

I posted this in the Humor category for a reason, read this:

20 Things Single People Can Do Besides Have Sex

1. Get a hobby

2. Join a club/organization

3. Volunteer for a cause your passionate about

4. Read your bible

5. Spend time in prayer

6. Exercise

7.  Start or join a book club

8. Write poetry, short stories or that book you always dream of writing

9.  Take a class (educational, dance, cooking, tennis etc)

10.  Go on a road trip with friends

11. Be a blessing to someone else by helping them babysit, clean, cook etc

12. Get involved at your church

13. Go shopping, even if its only window shopping

14. Become a mentor to a youth

15. Pamper yourself (hair/nails) even if you take an evening and do it yourself.

16. Talk a walk

17. Spend time getting to know yourself and being happy in your own skin

18. Do fun outdoor activities with friends

19. Take a soothing bath or shower

20. Start your own business

20 Things You Can Do On  A Date Besides Have Sex

1. Cook a meal together

2. Go go-cart racing or play miniature golf

3. Spend time getting to know each other’s friends and family

4. Explore one another’s hopes, dreams and fears

5. Go to a park and have a picnic

6. Visit each other’s churches

7. Excercise together

8. Do outside activities together (tennis, basketball or planting a gardening)

9. Spend time talking about your faith, finances, debt, views on sex, marriage, children etc. Make sure you two are compatible. Dating should be an interview process.

10. Go horse back riding

11. Take a DAY trip somewhere fun.

12. Bake a yummy treat together.

13. Get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant

14. Attend a play, ballet or opera

15. Volunteer together

16. Have devotions together

17. Have date night with other godly couples

18. Attend concerts together

19. Take a drive and talk

20. Go skating (ice skating, roller skating or roller bladding)


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