9.We stood around in what could be called a ‘loose formation squad’.

We stood around in what could be called a ‘loose formation squad’. Some guys had shorts, some longs, some shirts; some T-shirts all the boots were different. The only thing the clothes had in common was that they were either cammo or green colored.  The camp by day was very different to an SADF one. Nothing but nothing was ‘squared away’. The tents were in no real layout and not put up straight or particularly well. The beds were unmade or semi-made and all sorts of civvies shit was just lying around. The parade ground was the road we drove through the skitwal on. Reima strode forward and shouted ‘Andag’ but only he and the four new chaps came to attention. With the rest, all they did was stand up if they had been sitting or lying on the ground and face vaguely forward. If they had been smoking some put the cigarettes out, some didn’t. Then another chap came ambling up looking bored; Reima saluted him and yelled something unintelligible. They said a few words and Reima about turned and screamed ‘At ease’; the four rookies went to At Ease. The rest couldn’t get more at ease unless they lay down again. A roll call of sorts was taken and when it was my turn I earned my first nickname. My earring was still in! After been called a girl and a queer all at the same time, Reima calmed down and never called me anything but ‘oarbel’ after that. Later on you will realize how pathetic all this posturing of the S’majors really was. Then the CO welcomed us new chaps and explained that this was definitely not the SADF and how we were not to act as if it was. That’s about all he had to say. These amazing roll calls happened in a similar fashion the whole time I was with Executive Outcomes the only real purpose these parades served was to make sure no one have disappeared in the night, which I found out was feasible in this crazy place.


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