The Mexican hooks up with The Rebel.

There I was…. minding my own business…. Trying to stay out of trouble. Got a call from The Rebel, come and visit for a while. She picked me up in Fish Hoek and we decided to head back to Stellenbosch, I love that town! So there we were tooling around in The Rebels convertible, she suggested we go get a glass of wine, after all the area is famous for its wine farms. The drive up to Hellshoogte  is beautiful, the wine farm was stunning, as I do not know much about wine The Rebel ordered for us. We chatted and planed our day, then called for the bill. Holy Shit! We had one half glass of wine each, that cost R100! No man. Don’t think I will be frequenting any wine farms in future. Our next stop was at a berry farm, we got some berry ice-cream for a reasonable price, sat on the lawn with a view of Simonsig mountain.


The Rebel then told me the best pizzas to be found were in Franshoek, so we jumped in the little BMW, put the hood down and cruised. The Rebel drives okay, no worries. :}After the food we found a bookstore and visited three art galleries. Back in Stellenbosch we settled down with some fine Irish Whiskey, and discussed a viable business proposition.

Feeling a bit rough the next morning we non the less set about doing what he had to do. And the rest… we gonna make history!


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2 Responses to “The Mexican hooks up with The Rebel.”

  1. The Rebel Says:

    How can you tell everyone I drive okay? Now my reputation as a Rebel has gone to the dogs! I’ll have to think of something more rebelly to do next time!


  2. waynebisset Says:

    A responsible Rebel. I sulute you for that.


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