Of Mexicans and Rebels

Sometimes things just fall into place. I started looking into Social Media Marketing in February. I was impressed on how powerful a tool this is and joined a lot of business sites around the world and off course, facebook. I started a blog, called it, One Man’s Opinion. Then under the category Social Media Marketing I put my impressions of this phenomenon on a few posts, many people told me that I “got” it, just like I did NOT “get” Math at school, it would seem. Then I decided to put a full book I have written, The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief, piece by piece in my facebook status. Those also got a lot of attention. So a page in facebook was created for this Mexican. At the same time I posted some things I had learned as The Mexican on the blog, under the category WWW. Wine Woman and War my strange classrooms. When each chapter was completed I posted the full chapter on a page on my blog. From the first one they have been popular. I was worried that people would not see all these complicated connections and perhaps they only connected in my head. Not so, most “got” it. That was the basics but it was to go further, people seemed to want to know what The Mexican is doing NOW!  hence my second blog, this one.

As things will have it I met a kindred spirit and we have decided to go on an adventure together. She opened a blog called The Rebel and The Mexican and records our adventures from her point of view with an added bonus of posts from her experiences and knowledge. You can find out her first impressions of The Mexican here: Meeting Your Match


This journey has just begun but I know it is going to be a very interesting one and give the Mexican a look at life from a new perspective.


I hope you will join us.


The Mexican Horse Thief.

Very Young Mexican Horse Thief


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4 Responses to “Of Mexicans and Rebels”

  1. Sharon Says:

    The Mexican and the Rebel ride again on Sunday!


  2. karen Says:

    Hey!!! We would really like to see some character profiles of REBEL and MEXICAN…

    I think both of you are awesome!

    Give us the riches of your lives, from the depths 🙂

    and you’re sure never to lose our interest


  3. Wanderin’ Gypsies « The Mexican's Lifestyle Says:

    […] Beach? We have been at least in a reasonable distance from each other for the past few months, now? The Mexican is getting on a plane soon, until yesterday, I knew that I was landing in Gauteng, but had no idea […]


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