Far South

This bird is a Mexican

You have read the Rebel’s account of our first “official” trip, yes? Time for The Mexican Horse Thief’s two cents worth.
Firstly let it be said, this gypsy who has used many modes of transport in his wanderings, really enjoys the Rebel’s preferred mode of road transport; a jet black convertible BMW. When you need to hang a left, both driver and vehicle are rather cool. As you saw when we HAD to make a stop at The Compass Bakery. The goodies we picked up were well worth the risk. From there it is only a couple of hundred meters to Slivers, a wholesale biltong and nut place. Although I must say the offer of a sample of chicken biltong was a bit much. Shit man, real men do not even braai bloody chicken. So gave that a miss, fortunately they have a large supply of real meat, game and beef, as well as dried fruit and nuts.
We got to Imhof Farm, wind howling, so gave outdoor activities a miss. My favorite place here is the chocolate place, chili and dark Belgian chocolate, yes! What I see the Rebel did not notice or more likely chose to ignore was the very sexy red head waitress at the coffee shop. :} Oh! Perhaps that is why we moved along so quickly?
Another stop was the art and sculpture place, but we will go there again and I will say more about it and the interesting owner.
Simon’s Town was calling and after declining to pay the ludicrous price to enter Cape Point, we rounded the point. I wanted to show the Rebel the bronze art foundry. I do believe she enjoyed the guided tour and was perchance surprised that even this Mexican is capable of name dropping in order to get preferential treatment? With the bad weather, Mineral World was a good place to go, with enough shiny, but not sharp things to delight a ladies heart.
An eventful, informative and filling mission. I am sure the Rebel and I will embark on many more. Hell, we already have, you can check out our next mission on the Rebel’s latest post.
Till later.
The Mexican Horse Thief.


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One Response to “Far South”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Pretty much sums it up! I was going to mention the Rose Quartz and the guy who carves the skulls from bits of wood, but what the heck, firstly it’s not in my nature to embarass a man and secondly we can go back to the wood carver, he was rather sweet!


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