Sculptures and old Acquaintances


The weather on this side of the False Bay had been bad for a week, wind and some rain, so on Sunday it was great to find hot sunny weather in Franschhoek. The Rebel and I arrived at iS Art mid morning. Why? There was an opening of their Sculpture Garden. Since leaving Gauteng and my good mate Gordon Froud behind, must say I don’t get to many art shows. I was pleasantly surprised to find Guy du Toit clowning around the entranceway. Turns out two of my other acquaintances were present as well. Angus Taylor and Carla Crafford. If you have bothered to read The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief, it was on Carla’s game farm that I nearly got jumped on by a frigging elephant, but I digress.

Reading the Rebel’s take on this, I am pretty sure it was her and not I that found the bubbly!   I just happened to notice it, quite by chance, while looking at a good mate of mine, Johan Moolman’s sculpture. Often at these shows, especially the more up-market ones such as we found here, one needs some fortification to get through the self-serving speeches. Not so today, Ilse thanked every one, Angus played the straight guy to, well, Guy and we all had a good laugh.  The gallery is a nice clean space but the Sculpture Garden is wonderful! Having hung around with Gordon, helping him put shows together I can appreciate all the work that went into making this opening so grand. It goes with out saying, that the artwork and talent displayed took a lot of pain and suffering as well. Can’t name everyone here, but well done.

Having infused enough culture the Rebel and I set off back to Stellenbosch, on the way we saw a huge loquat tree, shit, when last did you eat one of those? If you have not read the Rebel’s blog, why not? You can find it here: (The Rebel and The Mexican)  along with some links to the artists mentioned above. I will catch you on the flipside. Or if you will, on facebook. The Mexican Horse Thief.


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