Tutu and Twaddle



Never mind that crazy old man, Bishop Tutu and Israel, I think I saw Bin Laden and his family in Hermanus! Okay, okay maybe not him. Anyhow, this looked just like a family that was spending quality time together, not the picture the Yanks want us to have of “Arabs” at all.


The day had started with a delay in our departure time, my fault, not the Rebel’s. We did however get going fairly early and the drive to Hermanus was through the inevitable vineyards and a bonus was the orchards of fruit trees, all in blossom. Such a beautiful country we live in.

I had thought that Hermanus was a tiny little spot, and was surprised that after driving through a suburb for quite a while to see the sign, “Welcome in Hermanus.” The Rebel was sticking to the speed limit, hard for her in the snazzy little BMW, as the place is crawling with traffic police. We headed straight for the lookout point to check for whales. No luck, we did see a couple of Dassies, though. We went for breakfast and I see why this town is such a popular tourist destination, picture perfect, could come straight out of the movies. We checked for whales again and there they were, the Whale Crier was blowing his horn to alert visitors. After that we went to check out some of the beaches, also, like a movie set, in paradise. On the Cape coast I have not seen such a abundance of life clinging to the rocks. Snails, muscles and things. The sea smell is strong here too. The water must be very nutrient rich, no wonder those huge plankton eating mammals hang out here.

The day was too short to do everything, and I do believe we will return. We had a few drinks at the Harbour Rock, stunning view, friendly staff, and Giovanni our waiter had a good sense of humour. Here I must salute the Rebel, no matter how hard the good looking Giovanni tried to get her to drink alcohol, she stuck to her responsible driving philosophy. That way she got her Mexican home in one piece.

I am sure you are eagerly awaiting the Rebels take on this day :}



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