Wanderin’ Gypsies

Fisherman's Beach

The Rebel and I needed a meeting to discuss logistics. Now to get two gypsies, from different bands, in the same place at the same time is bloody difficult! What better place to have a board meeting than Fisherman’s Beach? We have been at least in a reasonable distance from each other for the past few months, now? The Mexican is getting on a plane soon, until yesterday, I knew that I was landing in Gauteng, but had no idea where he was going to be for the first few days. I know the person I am visiting, obviously, but not a clue where her house is, the Rebel did. Excellent.

Now the Rebel and I want to have a few business meetings up there, so she will join me, sometime…

I do hope to meet up with a few people I have not met face to face before while I am up there, so my flights are booked way before the Kruger Park trip and a little after. If you read the blogs and we have chatted on facebook, give me a shout on 072 737 8393 and we can have a beer. (You can have a beer, I am on a coffee mission!)

Land 15 Nov – Kruger Park 22 Nov to about 2 Dec – Leave 8 Dec


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