13. Our instructions were…..

Our instructions were to start with basic infantry training. We set up a schedule the same as we had done ourselves in the SADF except now we were shouting the odds. Each morning to start with roll call, some PT, drill, brunch, oh, and a new one, in Angola everyone has siesta after brunch until 2 o’clock. We thought this weird but by 12’oclock that first day we understood extremely well. South Africa doesn’t get hot, not even in the Northern Province; comparative to Longa it is just warm! An example, one day during siesta I was laying half cooked on my bed when I noticed a screw on my AK was working loose. As this is quite a serious thing I begrudgingly moved to fix it. The total energy expenditure was not too great, I picked up a screwdriver, reached for the rifle and turned the screw all of two rotations, max. This caused sweat to drip off my chin onto the rifle. It is very seldom that my face ever perspires, now and then in Northern Natal’s midsummer and when I work with dangerous snakes, one may see a drop or two. After that devastating experience I left any work until the sun was way down on the horizon. After siesta weapons training and formation\maneuvers. So much for the theory, these are a few things that happened along the way.
As in most armies the very important thing is to get the soldiers to be familiar with the assault rifle they are using, in this case the AK47. We did just that, for hours on end, every day for weeks. Strip, assemble, strip, assemble ad nausium. At first we set up competitions amongst the troops and when they got better we challenged them ourselves. Never being my strongest point eventually my troops were giving me a run for my money, on more than one occasion some of them beat me, much to everyone’s delight, Srg. Ze always beat me. We moved onto the Light Machine Gun of Russian manufacture, called a PKM. Really loved that weapon, belt fed with a spare barrel, we had 4 brand new out the box to play with.


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  1. karen Says:

    lol…where’s the rest Bisset?


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