Walking on the Wild Side II

Tamboti Tented Camp

The Mexican Horse Thief met up with Will in a café called Taste in 7th Street, Melville. Sonia got to meet the good doctor but unfortunately he was tired and pre-occupied. He needed this bush break badly! Back at his place we both did the last of our computer work and crashed early.

5:30 am. A man I had not met before picked us up. His name was Peter and I think he is also a doctor, but in Chemical something or other. The interesting thing is he is also an ordained priest. Very polite and well spoken. We set off to the last guy’s house, Alan. He was responsible for setting up this whole mission. Also a doctor, lung specialist, and an ordained priest, I had some interesting company!

True to his word Alan had everything packed and ready to go, I would find out just how well organized this man is later on in the trip. We climbed in the Honda 4×4 and hit the road. Off to the bush, the bush, the bush, where I belong. As all three gentlemen are soft spoken I could not hear much of the conversation and just watched the built up area slowly change to farmlands and a few hours later, bush! I spoke a bit more than I usually do amongst strangers as both men were easy going and, like all Will’s friends, gentlemen.

At our first pit stop I had a badly needed cigarette, getting back in the car I was now going to ride shotgun, Alan was still driving. I checked him out and said, “Will tells me you are a lung doc, so why don’t you just kak  me out now and get it over and done with?” Alan just laughed and after that he offered to make pit stops so I could get my nicotine fix.

We finally arrive in the Kruger, while they did the paperwork I caught a skink (lizard) and looked under all the rocks in the area for snakes and things. Then we drove to our first camping place, called Tamboti. It is a beautiful tented camp near Orphen Gate.


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