Kalk Bay and Cape Gangsters

Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay can be a very dangerous place this time of year, as half the gangsters from the Cape Flats flood into this area. If you stay in the Main road and above you should be ok though.

I decided to walk from Fish Hoek into Kalk Bay in order to take some photos, it is not that far. On the walk I saw a whale! I had that very morning told my friend in Kenya that they had all left. My first stop was at the Cape To Cuba Lounge. I knew that they had some fine Cuban artifacts in side and I wanted to take a few photos of them. I first looked for the owner to get permission; this is always a good plan. She was a very pleasant lady and we chatted for a while.

After that I walked around the main part of town which seemed okay, but wanted to go to the harbour, here is where I saw all the gangster type. I had no idea of what was about to happen on my walk back to Fish Hoek.

The road is full of cars going by but the side walk is not very busy. A group of youths approach me, they range from their late teens to early twenties. They are lean and fit, covered in tattoos. One asked me if he can have a cigarette, as I reply and reach into my pocket another older one steps up close. He has a stun-gun crackling mere cm from my chest. He asks me I know anyone that wants to buy it, cheap, R50. Sometimes I am glad for my scary eyes, I lock them on his and tell him I do not, all the while handing his mate the cigarette. He breaks the stare first. They move off. I carry on my way. I check my hands. They are shaking. Only the tiniest bit. I promise. :}


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