Caring for you pet shrimp

The first thing one has to do when deciding to acquire a new pet is: not to just rush out and grab the first one you see. Shrimps come in a specially designed package, this is an ecosystem of its own; if the ecosystem package is unhappy your shrimp will be unhappy and refuse to allow you to pet it at all!

It is very important that you are as happy with the package as the shrimp is happy with the ecosystem. The variations of packages is limitless, I tend to like the newer models and less frills. This is however a personal choice, no matter what make or model you chose it imperative that you take care of it and make sure the ecosystem is happy. That is a whole lesson on its own! Personally I have great trouble keeping the package in one piece.

However, as an animal lover, I do know how to look after the shrimp itself. Here are a few useful general tips. Please be aware that all shrimps have their own personality and idiosyncrasies. You will have to feel your way with each one.

Everyone knows that a wet shrimp is a happy shrimp, ensure your shrimp is wet before you attempt to pet it.

Always start off slowly and gently, do not just barge in.

Shrimps enjoy been stroked slowly and rhythmaticaly at first. You may increase, as the shrimp gets orgasmatically happy.

While doing that it is always a good idea to pay attention to both the ecosystem and the package at the same time.

Once your shrimp is well satisfied it can be left alone and the rest of the package taken care of. If you spend a while caring for the rest of the package instead of wondering off or falling asleep, your shrimp will be pleased to see you next time.

Shrimps are very intelligent and remember every visit.

(Had to add this as too many people asked WTF. Shrimp = Clitoris)


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