Solvation Damp Proofing and Ants

Solvation Ant Solution


Those small little black ones, they came here from Brazil, you know? Listen carefully and you will hear them speaking Portuguese!

I have a bit of a problem with them in my new place. They make thier nests along the foundations and between the bricks of the driveway. Now as I do not like to use poison I thought about this for a while. Eureka!

Solvation Damp Proof Resin! It sets into a thin film of plastic…. one is supose to use it on walls and concrete features, but since when do I do anything “normal”? I decided that if I drip some of the resin down the hole, first the liqiud resin will kill on contact, then dry and plug the hole up!

Yesterday I proceeded to do just this. :} Worked like a charm.

There will be more posts on the conventional uses of Solvation Damp Proof Resin, written by a leading expert in such matters, while I shall continue to post a few more obscure ideas.



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