Bisset’s Bootleg Whiskey

Bisset's Gold

Need partners! New business opportunity opening in this now, not so New South Africa….. Moonshine! Drawing on my checkered past and indeed my ancestry I have decided  to sail forth on this wave of guaranteed success. While they (our esteemed leaders) debate and go about attempting to pass all these laws – Alcohol Crackdown – Section Eight will be very busy setting up a distillery and distribution scheme. Hell, I see it in my head already! A business to rival old Scarface himself. I have the connections to make a formidable enforcement team to annihilate any competition, an insider’s view of drinking establishments and hard drinkers mindset,  I  am just crazy enough to pull it off.   Using my Scottish family’s existing label my first product will be WHISKEY! Available 24/7, no tax duty, free delivery… :}

Please contact The Mexican Horse Thief if you would like to apply for a position. (Regretfully, quality control position is taken!)


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