Interview with former Executive Outcomes employee, Wayne Bisset

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Today, I have for you another exclusive interview, this time with former Executive Outcomes trainer and adviser, Wayne Bisset. Wayne was kind enough to tell us about his time with the company, Angola, and what life was like out in the bush. He also rightly has some fun with me due to my naivete of how warfare is waged in Africa! Check it out:

Please introduce us to your professional background. Were you in the military and/or police before signing on with EO? What was your employment prospects after the end of apartheid before finding work with Executive Outcomes?

I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness and it was assumed I would sit for three years in DB as a conscientious objector, my childhood friends did this. I did not like the religion and jail was not for me, I need space, Gypsy that I am. My father kicked me out the house when I went to the SADF. I landed in 7 South African Infantry. It was a very well respected unit. I did the basic training and then did platoon weapons, ending up as a 81mm mortarist. Then we went to “the border” and I got my combat experience.

How were you recruited into EO? In your blog you mention setting up an appointment at “the house”. Was this Eeben Barlow’s residence? Who did you meet with there?

I went to my local pub and was surprised to bump into an acquaintance from 10 years back, 7 SAI. He told me about this “job up North.” The house was not a residence as far as I could tell. Office and some guys may have slept over. I met a few guys but do not recall seeing Eeben. I was interviewed by a few chaps that I really can’t recall their names. A Sergeant Pelsa did the paperwork.

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