With out prejudice, taken from my  hand written notes, un editored :

“Today, just in case you are thinking I have lost it, harp on Selomie’s  personality too much: She proved beyond a shadow of a doubt who she really is. Here is how it went down.

About 3.30pm I had just got back to the HUT after spending day patrolling.  An un-marked dark blue helicopter is flying very low all over  the farm!  I try call Jan, no comms.I get Lize, who is still in Cape Town, but supposedly works for Selomie on sms.  I ask Lize to paste on Facebook’s SAVE OUR RHINO page, about the chopper, this will get everyone aware of the problem, very quickly. I run back to where I last saw my Rhino, about 2 km, on the way I get sms from Lize. Apparently it is Selomie doing a helicopter drill, she told no one about it. Fuck it! I am speechless at first. Then tell Lize how stupid this is.  I am totally stressed out, while running trough the bush, I was wondering what the fuck was I going to do, I have only a 3inch Gerber blade to fight these okes with!

Selomie puts that statement on Palala’s page. She knows I cannot reply. It is fucking silly, one does NOT do a drill in a operational area! Lize agrees with me but does not want to get in an argument with Selomie, Lize will be staying at Palana in January, and relies on Selomie’s goodwill.

I am at my Hut and Selomie comes tearing down the road in the white LandCruiser.  She is furious, how dare I put that stuff on facebook? SHE is the one that will post about Palala, or at least ok anything I post on facebook. She yells that I should have called her, she has the radio and the guns, she knows all the people in Waterberg and so on. Huge ego. She does not like it that I also know people, hence the warning on “Save Our Rhino” was seen by a lot of people. The name says it, our Rhino, not MY rhino!

I bluntly tell Selomie that I did not call her because whenever she talks to me she is snotty and rude. I tell her I am sick of the way she speaks to me. She gets even more angry,  she starts off with telling me that she is pissed off that the funds from my British Lady have not arrived, how she paid for my laptop to be formatted (R450.00) my food, and she cannot afford me. If the British connection does not pay soon I must go etc, etc. As a parting shot she states that all of “her” people reacted on the chopper, except me. I point out that this is not true. I did react, just not the way the Great Selomie wanted me to.”

With this I see that the Rhino have a worse enemy than poachers, the very people that claim to want to help!  Selomie and my British Lady have words, Selomie bans her on facebook, Niel threatens to sue her and The Mexican Horse Thief is stuck in the middle!

Who paid for the chopper?

Who’s chopper was it?

The same chopper that was used in the Phila film? Find out who’s chopper that was, you will be shocked.

My mission remains the same: Try help the rhino.


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