How to control your fleas,the natural way

Dogs of War

Dogs of War

All dogs get fleas, stone cold fact. I found this useful information and thought it would be a good idea to share with my friends



Consider aromatic leaves, wood shavings and soap your first defence in your arsenal of flea repellents.

Fill small drawstring bags (available at cooking supply and natural foods shops) with fresh or dried chamomile leaves, walnut leaves or cedar shavings and tuck them into your  bedding  to repel fleas.

Sprinkle garlic powder or mix a crushed garlic clove into your  food to ward off fleabites. Both garlic and chamomile are attractive flowering perennials, so for a free supply, try growing these herbs in your flower or vegetable beds.

A sprinkle of brewer’s yeast (buy from health-food shops) on your pets’ food daily is also thought to help them repel fleas.

Soap kills fleas on contact. When bathing, those rare times you do, begin by lathering the neck area first and then work your way towards the groin, because fleas tend to congregate around the groin.

After rinsing, rub apple cider vinegar through the fur to help repel fleas, and add a teaspoon of cider vinegar


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