Strange Classrooms and Naughty Girls.

SmellMy Strange Classrooms have had some even stranger teachers.  One thing I learned early on in my studies was that women are most definitely naughtier than guys. Women for the most part just do and do not let all the guys know this!  Men talk about it and lie about it, while women remain silent and just DO it! The trick is to gain their trust..  and keep it.

On that note here is an example, copied with permission of a naughty girls blog.

Sexy Days, Sexy Happenings, Sexy, Sexy Men, Sexy me.

2012 kicked off very grimly and bleakly but I am pleased to report it’s evolved into a rather interesting year.  I’m meeting stacks of new people (mainly men – my favourite kind of people!!!) and doing all kinds of interesting things (not only sex so get your minds outta the gutter hahahaaaa!!).

I ran around Cape Town with a guy the other night, it was really cool cos we never knew each other from a bar of soap and it’s incredible how easy it is to get on with someone you don’t know.  It’s immeasurably easier than getting on with someone you do know actually, because there’s simply no expectation of how he will be from your side or how you will be from his side.

We went to the waterfront and looked at the millionaire’s yachts, we walked in the icy wind arm in arm as if we were strolling through a Mediterranean village in the summer, we laughed our arses off in general; he took me to a wonderful pub/bar that was built around very old motor trade memorabilia, from overalls to ancient bicycles and oil cans an everything in between.

The owner was parking off on the couch watching a series about the mafia and we were the only two in the place apart from him.  It was a very cool vibe cos we just pottered around like we were in his lounge and he just parked off like he was in his lounge (which, admittedly, he was) and if he felt like chatting he did and if we did, we did.

After that we drove up to Lion’s Head. When we got to the top he switched the engine off and we listened to the silence while we watched the whole of Cape Town flickering down below us in all her silent magnificence.  That was absolutely unreal!!

I’ve been seeing so many cool things and experiencing such amazingly laid back people; the scenery, the elements, the ideas, the convos, it’s all so excellent I’m hard pressed to accurately convey how it is for me.

I’ve also been meeting and/or chatting to some really interesting guys from this sex site I am on.  Talking to them is also an eye opener, and again I think the stranger/stranger thing gets people talking in a way they never do and this isn’t only about their sexual selves/fantasies or lives, it’s about them, themselves, that they talk.  Which as you all know –  me being an ardent student of human nature – interests me no end.

But yes, the two sexual encounters I have had have been intense and interesting in and of themselves.  It’s a matter of just being, I find, that’s how you best enjoy any sex, and especially good sex.  People are way to focused on the end goal (orgasm) to really allow enjoyment of sex.  I went for a tantric massage the other night.  The guy spent an hour massaging, stroking and touching my whole body apart from my (accepted) erogenous zones like my breasts and genitals and had my whole body alert, awake, tingling and pinging in ways it had never pinged before.

What really excited and interested me about this massage is that no one said a word, apart from the first couple of sentences exchanged.  When you’re lying in a dark room, face down, warm, with a stranger’s gentle and firm hands on your body you move into a kind of trance/zone/state of being you but not you. At first you battle not to think of conventional sex, cos I mean here you are being touched in a highly erotic way so you expect that the next step will be breasts or groin etc but when you suspend that expectation, or let it just flow away like water in a stream, you get to really connect with the feelings and sensations and become very relaxed.

It really made me want to read and study more about Tantra and learn more about stimulating areas that are not considered conventionally erotic.  At one stage he put his hand on my belly just above my groin, for example, while he was rubbing the tops of my thighs.  That slight pressure on the belly gave me a rush of erotic sensation straight to my groin, like a switch had been turned on.  Same happened when he worked on the back of my knees, and my ears.  If any of you ladies want to try being massaged this guy is available still – I highly recommend it, if only from the perspective of re-establishing contact with your own sexual energies…. drop me a line….

Ja.  Sex is an excellent way to connect with people, it’s an excellent form of therapy for me, it’s a way of making contact with my long lost sexual self, a way to re-affirm my own desires, wants and needs and ja, it’s a revolution for me.  I mean of course I’ve had lots of sex in my life, before now, but none of it has been remotely like this.  Not at all.  And although I’ve always been open to sexual adventures, to experimentation, to ideas and desires, I’ve never been this open before.

It’s quite something, I can tell you.  You should try it.’

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