Recycling Polystyrene Safely for multiple purpose liquid.

One Man's Opinion

scorp-section-eight-logoPoly-xylene is what I decided to call this substance. We all know, or should know, how bad polystyrene is for the environment and how difficult it is to get rid of the accursed stuff.

If not here are some facts:

A 1986 EPA report on solid waste named the polystyrene manufacturing process as the 5th largest creator of hazardous waste.· The National Bureau of Standards Center for Fire Research identified 57 chemical byproducts released during the combustion of polystyrene foam.

Polystyrene foam is often dumped into the environment as litter. This material is notorious for breaking up into pieces that choke animals and clog their digestive systems.

While the technology for recycling polystyrene is available, the market for recycling is very small and shrinking. Many Americans are hearing from their curbside recycling agencies that they will not accept Polystyrene goods. (Do not think South Africa HAS any recycling plan!)


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