Snake Bite!

One Man's Opinion

Mexican Horse Thief Burrowing Adder

I had made a wrong identification of a snake outside a pub near Kyalami and got bitten.  Since I was five years old I have been catching  and collecting snakes, and up till this moment never been bitten by a dangerous one a few semi-venomous bites and lots of harmless ones is all.  It was just before 9 pm on New Year’s Eve and I was drinking coke and listening to a musician, Dwayne Rockwell, the son of the more famous Gene. I was friends with the owner’s daughter, Michelle, and had come to know Dwayne quite well, so was planning to bring in the New Year with them. Some guys came in saying that there was a snake outside, and since I used to bring my Burmese Python and the Anaconda for Michelle to play with on occasion, I was called to catch the thing. No real excuse but…

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