Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill.

One Man's Opinion

Gotto love these little fellows. While staying at Bushbuck I had a family of them living near me. The chicks had just left the nest so I had five of them hopping around. After a few weeks mom, dad and one chick left the area. The two that stayed use to bang on my glass patio door, just after first light, and collect all the dead insects on the patio. The most interesting thing about Hornbills is the way they breed.

Wikipedia says:

The nests are placed in natural cavities in trees, cliffs or earth banks between 1 and 12 meters from the ground. The male then proceeds to bring bark, leaves and grass which will be put on the bottom of the nest. During this time, the female will seal herself inside the nest by blocking the entry with a wall made from her droppings and food remains Theā€¦

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