Elephant Encounters – I

One Man's Opinion

The Mexican Horse Thief-elephantMy closest near-fatal encounter with an elephant happened within spitting distance of the boma. I had taken a hiding spot behind a large succulent and was getting some excellent photographs of a herd of elephant. One rather large chap – fuck, they are all large – started moving straight towards my hiding place. I had left it too late: he had not yet seen or smelt me, but if he continued on his set path, he was going to step on me. No choice; while he was still a little way off I had to let him know I was there. I slowly stood up. Pandemonium! I took what I was convinced was my last photo – ever. Then he charged. I know that if you run, you die; two seasoned rangers had apparently proved it a few months back at the river between the Kruger and this park…

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