SADF – Military Service – through the eyes of an 18 year old – 8. Rundu Base

Graham Leslie McCallum

My Eye, Graham Leslie McCallum

Trying to keep cool, newly arrived at Rundu Base, Kavangoland, November 1984, SADF, Military

On arriving at Rundu Base on our first trip to the Border between South West Africa and Angola, our company climbed out of the C130 Hercules aeroplane onto the white cement runway. The heat from the aeroplane engines, the blinding sun above, and the heat that was been radiated back from the runway was incredible. For an hour or so I thought that I could not tolerate such intense heat and I felt almost desperate. Fortunately, when we were kitted up and marched off to open-sided tents, I realized the temperature away from the runway was more bearable. The sensible thing to do was to limit one’s movement to an absolute minimum, strip-down to one’s army shorts, and find an army stretcher in the shade to lie down on. The drawing above of a recruit on a stretcher was executed in November 1984.

The 'Crazy Horse Saloon' Mortar Bunker, Rundu, Kavangoland, SADF, Military

(above) A watercolour painting of the entrance…

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