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One Man's Opinion

The Insanity of Alcoholism

Eventually I went onto an out-patient program with SANCA. Some law enforcement types suggested this because of my continual brushes with the law. For the uninitiated, let me explain. In order to enforce discipline on a condition which they believe is caused by lack of discipline in alcoholics, my learned brethren have invented something they call “Antabus”. This delightful substance causes anyone who is on it to have major repercussions should they be undisciplined enough to consume alcohol. As you will see, I have some first-hand experience with the effects, which are not pretty.

The program that I was put on worked something like this: I was to report every morning to the offices of SANCA. I had signed, under duress I might add, that I willingly would do this. If I failed to comply I would be locked up in a government-run rehabilitation centre…

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