The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief I – Angola

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From the Chronicles of The Mexican Horse Thief – I. Angola. You can read the whole story, follow the link: Chronicles I 

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Bimbi’s Letters

In any military situation the Brass knows that letters from home are important for morale, so Executive Outcomes set up a similar system to what most of us had known in the SADF. Obviously without all the bullshit, like having to do push-ups if your letter smelt of perfume. Every plane that came in had some mail for us. We could get stamps at the canteen and our letters would be posted from “The House” in Pretoria. My mail was mainly from Charmaine; she even sent some drawings based on what I wrote about camp life.
We had been in Angola for a few months when I noticed that Bimbi never received any mail. So I…

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