Short Story – Helicopter Drills

One Man's Opinion

Short Stories by Wayne Bisset, the Mexican Horse Thief

“Today, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this woman proved, to me at least, who she really is. At about 3:30pm I was walking back to my Hut after spending from 6am in the bush. An un-marked, or very badly marked helicopter appears, flying low over the bush, it starts circling the property. Man, it was so low I could have hit it with a handgun, if I had one.

I immediately sms Lize, my so-called PA, I have very little airtime. I ask her to paste this information on the Save Our Rhino page. I know that will get a lot of attention and very quickly. It will also alert any Rhino owners in the Waterberg as I know it will jump in seconds to all the other pages. Without a weapon this is the best plan I can think of in such a hurry. Surely the cavalry will…

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