Rhino Wars – No Trade/Pro Trade

One Man's Opinion

scorp-section-eight-logoFor all intent and purposes I left the “Save the Rhino” business. The word business is not used accidently. I grew tired of all the bullshit and lies, the attacks on my personality and my lifestyle. I have no doubt that this caused a small celebration amongst certain people. I have my other mission doing what I can to try and curb this horrible killing, and it is my own mission and not discussed on the internet.

I left but it did not leave me completely alone, information still trickles in, mainly from my Brothers whom I can trust. Amazing that they find out things that all the “Save the Rhino” activists and even our “investigative” reporters cannot/will not know.

Now in the past two weeks I am getting pushed, from both sides, via email and pvt messages, to take a stand and write something about the Pro Trade. (Legalizing…

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