One, just one … Aspect…. of RAPE

One Man's Opinion

scorp-section-eight-logoEvery four, yes, 4 minutes a person is raped in this Rainbow nation of mine, the ages of the victims range from a few months old babies to old grannies in their 90’s. Like the poaching of rhino, the amount of cases of rape just climb higher and higher. The longer the ruling party is in power and does NOTHING of real worth to end this it can only get worse. (A few ministers have had various chargers, sex related against them and the President, Zuma, got off on his rape charge.)

Let me categorically state; I am against ALL forms of rape and violence toward innocent people. The criminals I try not think about what my violent thoughts are, lest my thoughts, which have now become my words, become my actions.

But for the purpose of this article I would like to stick with ONE aspect of the high…

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