A Different type of War – The Unseen Enemy

One Man's Opinion

“Alcohol – cunning, baffling, powerful!” These words were written many years ago by a man known now by many as Bill W.

Alcohol can be seen every where, in shops that specialize in this “beverage”, we call them Bottle Stores in this country, in the supermarkets the stores have large areas that are set aside for wine; in restaurants it is common for an area to be decorated like a bar and thus filled with well lit back shelves filled with bottles of the stuff. If one does not go to any of these places one gets a dose of alcohol images from the media; huge billboards, why in Johannesburg and entire high rise building had Johnny walking 30 floors tall. Although the law has banned cigarette advertizing it would seem that people do not feel that the advertizing of alcohol is harmful and thus a good percentage of the…

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