Alcohol & Consequences

One Man's Opinion

Alcohol. Alcoholic. These words have played an important role in my life, many of my strange classrooms have been visited, because of one or the other. If you have read The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief II, you will see that I spent 7 sober. The last year of my sobriety was plagued by bad luck, nothing more nothing less. I took a drink again.

Here I learned it is not only Christian’s that practice conditional friendship and love. Some people I thought were good friends became so angry with me, they never spoke to me again. Some remained my friends only when I am on one of my lengthy dry spells.

A few made no judgments either way.

Now it is not purely the alcohol that makes me “go left” and do the things I do. I seem to have a couple of little switches in my head…

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