Anger & the South African Police

One Man's Opinion

Monday morning. I had collected 4 barrels of dirty thinners and was taking it back to the recycling factory. As the load is nearly 1000kg I was driving very cautiously. I arrived at the T-junction at Petit. There was another heavily loaded bakkie (small truck) in front of me. I waited for him to move around the corner and then followed at a safe distance. All of a sudden a white BMW shot off the verge in front of him, blocking the road, all the doors slammed open and 4 policemen jumped out. A bloody scene from the movies! One policeman ran towards my vehicle and with one hand on his pistol, he motioned that I must pull off the road, directing me straight into a large pothole. I motioned back that I would pull over, but past the huge hole. The other police were also pulling cars off, on…

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