Emotional Baggage

One Man's Opinion

BaggageHaving attended many Strange Classrooms; dragged, kicking and screaming into a lot of them, I do believe I learned a lot. One of the most important was to get rid of baggage. It is amazing when one opens ones eye’s how much shit, we willingly, if un-wittingly drag about with us. I kid you not, it is HARD to leave this baggage behind. Hard, embarrassing and humbling. It takes great courage and a lot of work that never ends. Most would rather ignore the problem and thereby add to their baggage, conveniently blaming the opposite sex for all the problems in finding/keeping a relationship. They also disguise the baggage as religious convictions, mental disorders, and a veritable host of other excuses.

I have no desire to associate/date people that not only carry their baggage around like a trophy but also try to off load it on others. Don’t get me…

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