Energy Vampires

One Man's Opinion

A vampLessons I have learned, but do not always practice, in a couple of my Strange Classrooms.

One was about setting boundaries, the purpose of having boundaries is to protect and take care of ourselves. I had to hear about boundaries, and start learning the concept before I could even realize that I didn’t have any. I very seldom said, “No” to a request, even when I did not really want to do whatever it was they wanted. This caused resentment and I had to go to another classroom to deal with that!

Energy Vampires drain your spirit by depleting your positive energy, just like real vampires slurp blood. Energy Vampires – such as drama queens – leave you feeling drained and listless. The Energy Vampire’s negative influences have consumed your positive energy. The only way to protect yourself is to set up boundaries, and be forceful about how far you…

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