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scorp-section-eight-logoFor the past two months I have being attending one of my strange classrooms again. The main reason was to introduce my step-nephew to a different way of life. It will do me no harm either. Last night we discussed the Step about making amends for the harm we have caused. You will see in The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief II that I did this thing years back.   A lot of the sops, those that have being in rehab especially, went on about making amends and forgiving themselves. Whatever.

The spin off discussion was about forgiveness.

As the 12 Step program as it is today originated from a Christian group called The Oxford Group, forgiveness is a big thing. Step 5 is decidedly Papist! The last part of that Step I shall NEVER do. But I digress, back to this forgiveness thing. I did that years ago as…

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