Gaining a Spiritual and Moral Balance

One Man's Opinion

Here’s the thing. In both my Social Media Marketing and my WWW posts I tend to go on a bit about Balance. This is because I feel, no it IS, in my not so humble opinion, extremely important. How do I know this? My strange classrooms of course!  When I was in the Abyss called Angola, I saw some bad shit, but also some of the most compassionate, unselfish deeds ever, proving that war does indeed bring out both the best and the worst in men. I filed this for future reference and fought on. My fight brought me to yet another unusual classroom and the 12 Step program. Here I could combine the practical knowledge of the warzone and the psychological philosophy in the rooms. I am a lucky man to have had  this combination of education available to me. I would not go so far as to say…

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