Hiding behind labels….

One Man's Opinion

When I was about 12, in an argument, I said to my Jehovah’s Witness father, “Religion is a crutch for emotional cripples.” His reaction was one of my first Strange Classrooms… he punched me in the face. I filed that for future reference.

Many years and many hard miles later, that thought has been expanded and researched by observation and some Strange Classrooms.  The statement was a gross generalization although it still holds true. The world became more sophisticated and people have found countless  things to hide behind and use as an excuse for unacceptable behavior, and an excuse as for why they are in such a mess. The one that seems to be the front runner is a condition that my learned friends call Bi-polar. It may or may not exist, that is not my debate.

This I do know. If I wanted to I could walk into ANY…

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