Instant Gratification

One Man's Opinion


I first heard these words, a long time ago, ………….. in one of my Strange Classrooms.

Instant gratification.

They were spoken by a recovering drug addict trying to explain how the drugs had entrapped him. The point being his  life is quite difficult and by taking the drug of his choice he instantly got him to a mellow place, at first, but we all know how the addiction escalates and gets twisted.  Over the years I looked into this problem, at first I tried to get to my mellow point and then stop drinking, this never happened, I only stop when the booze runs out. From tense and sober, to tipsy and mellow…… then a fast track to psychotic, and blackout. I tried the changing of alcohol brands, no good. I changed my choice of drug, alcohol for cocaine or anything I could get my hands on. Didn’t work, my…

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