Mental Disorders

One Man's Opinion

How we have progressed from the Dark Ages!

Modern man. What a wonderful intelligent creature.  In the Dark Ages people would blame any ills on superstitious, ridiculous ideas and what we now see as absolute nonsense . Some examples would be witchcraft, bad air, and the greatest fall back must have been, “The Devil made me do it!” They did not take much responsibility for their own actions, did they? Living in filth, God/Devil was to blame for plague. Thank goodness we have advanced in our thoughts and are so much more informed and educated now.

Bullshit! We have just replaced the names of things that we are told cause most of our mis-fortunes. Modern man has a whole new set of Gods and these Gods have come with a complete set of Devils. The God that I find fascinating is The Psychologist.  One does not have to set burnt…

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