Recognizing Evil People

One Man's Opinion

A Gypsy….. I travel a lot, in these travels I end up in strange places and meet many people. A few are good, a lot are bad but a very small amount of them are really evil. Unfortunately I have met those too. Now, the unwashed masses tend to believe that evil looks evil; in my experience the exact opposite is true. Some of the meanest looking and acting people I know, they would scare the bejesus out of said ”unwashed masses”, are the warmest most kind hearted people around. If you let them be. Conversely some of the most evil are well mannered, dress well, have monitory wealth and claim to be spiritual if not religious people. If you read the Bible it states that Lucifer (Satan) was God’s most beautiful son.

The best example I had was way back when. I was just starting out on my quest…

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