Religion and Knowledge, Worlds Apart.

One Man's Opinion

In case people that actually read this stuff thought my strange classrooms consisted only of rehabilitation and military stuff :}

I first learned about this religious thing as a child and  as a child really did not like it very much. My main classroom was The Theocratic Ministry School for two hours EVERY Thursday night. I could read before I went to bloody normal school! Up until I refused to go anymore I spent 1144 hours in just that classroom. Quadruple that figure and you have a rough estimate how long I spent with my head in the Bible.

(And before someone jumps up and says this is Jehovah Witness stuff, they did not manage to indoctrinate me, neither did the SADF or anyone else for that matter. Besides I personally hate the buggers and hold that religion directly responsible for my mothers death 21 years ago)

I left…

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