Setting Personal Boundaries

One Man's Opinion

scorp-section-eight-logoSomething that confused me, oh shit, I spend most of the time confuzzed….

Anyhow, this particular confusion was that people would push and push me, (the nice quiet and sober Wayne) then when they found themselves sitting on the floor from a, oh the other kind of Klap, they would state their shock at my, “sudden anger.”

As I am a bit slow it took one of my strange teachers a while to teach me about setting boundaries, and then most importantly, letting the other ass know when he was crossing them. So I observed that this problem with boundaries thing has two distinct types of people. The more common is that of people that do not set any at all. They just spend their whole lives getting used and abused. Food for those Energy Vampires I wrote about in here a while back. The other, like me, doesn’t seem…

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