Sleep, Mundane Lies and Peace

One Man's Opinion

Sleep, the best healer of all. If one listens one hears how many people claim that sleep eludes them; I say claim, because I have lived with some people that tell me they did not sleep a wink last night, but I saw them sleep the whole night through. It seems to be a bragging point with some people!  I don’t need much sleep, 4 hours of good deep sleep is enough, so while they are “not sleeping” I read. I call these falsehoods, mundane lies, one of my Strange Teachers taught me about those. Mundane lies are very harmful, not to the person that is being lied to but to the person that is telling and believing the lie. In the case of these, supposedly, sleepless people, even though they slept for a straight 7 hours, they feel tired. The brain is a complex thing, it can fool the…

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